Passive Cooling With Natural Ventilation

Data centres do not typically use passive cooling, instead relying on fans and air conditioning to manage the heat by force. ASIC miners produce far more heat than the computers in most data centres.

The most popular miner, the Antminer S9 calculates 13.5 TH/s but can be overclocked to produce more as long as you have adequate power and cooling. Each miner produces heat nearly equivalent to the power it uses, (approximately 1300-1500 watts,) which makes it about as hot as a large space heater. Each unit contributes ~5000 BTU to the heat of the data center, expressed at ~200 CFM by two integrated cooling fans.

With unlimited passive cooling we will ensure that our clients get the most out of their hardware, and that we get the most out of our electrical infrastructure.

The Eastgate complex in Zimbabwe uses a passive cooling design.

This building in Zimbabwe is a giant chimney modelled after termite nests, which uses the power of rising heat to cool its living spaces through the power of natural ventilation. An ASIC mining facility produces enough heat to utilise the same type of design.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Building a structure to use natural ventilation for cooling will require professional consultation from engineers. That consultation will result in a simple design that is affordable to prefabricate and assemble.

With a properly engineered passive cooling design working at small scale, we can consider expanding to multi-story installations.

[Featured image is a data center with passive cooling by Yahoo!]