Mining in Quebec in 2017

“The low cost of electricity in Quebec is of interest to the global bitcoin industry…”
Asian investment in mining operation in Quebec/Labrador

Great North Data wants to end its partnership with Bitmain and focus on higher paying colocation customers.

Court documents filed by both sides indicate that Great North Data has experienced financial difficulties since last year. “In an email Bitmain included with its court filings, Great North director James Goodwin wrote Aug. 30 that “we have had significant cost overruns and have failed to find financing to cover them.”

“While we have cheap power in Labrador, our cost of employees and labour is very high, much higher than we had expected.” Selling the miners is the best way forward for both of us. It will allow Bitmain to divest from the mine with your funds, and it will allow me to have clients who pay a much higher rate. – link

Noise complaints

“[the data centre is] functionally 100 per cent full and we’re not even done yet, and there’s an urge for more,”” said Goodwin.” – link

“Sorry – haven’t checked in for a while. We have managed to scrounge up a few smaller set ups that we’re throwing together ASAP. So we should have space in January for some more. And we still have 6MW in March to book out. Probably will be closer to 10MW Labrador wide by end of year, 16MW by end of March.” [10mW is approximately 6,900 Antminer S9’s and 16mW is >11,000]