Competitive Analysis

An overview of the colocation hosting market for ASIC computers. This data indicates to me that our price of US$1300-1500 will be competitive, and that offering a user-friendly sales process will attract a higher paying customer. (“Singles” are customers who want to host a single miner.)

WARNING: Some of these are scams. Do your own research

Antminer s9 Colocation HostingPrice/YearAccepting SinglesAccepting MinimumkW Capacity (Planned)
CloudSigma 🇺🇲1992NOSOLD OUTLots
Mosaic Data Services 🇺🇲3588YES1Lots
Toomim Bros. 🇺🇲1131NOSOLD OUT2,250
Oregon Mines 🇺🇲1478NOSOLD OUT1,000
Hashplex 🇺🇲1633NOSOLD OUT>2,000
Cryptominer 🇨🇦1031 +NOSOLD OUT500 (500)
Cryptoboreas 🇨🇦857.6NOSOLD OUT150
BTC MEQ 🇺🇲907NOSOLD OUT120 (420)
MyBtcPool 🇺🇲1680NOSOLD OUT
Great North Data 🇨🇦991NOSOLD OUT6,000 (10,000-25,000)
BitcoinMinerHosting 🇨🇦1155NO10040,000
Cerad 🇺🇲1560CONTACT1
Colocenter 🇳🇱2470CONTACTSOLD OUT
Giga-Watt 🇺🇲2413CONTACT14 ,000 (20,000)
Advania 🇮🇸~1,531?CONTACT?Lots
Seg Mining 🇺🇲1314CONTACTSOLD OUT
BitcoinAsicHosting 🇺🇲1008CONTACTNO REPLY~1,000
AsicSpace 🇺🇲1218CONTACTNO REPLY1,300
BitClouder 🇷🇴1380CONTACT14,000 (5,000)
BlockTree 🇺🇲1663CONTACT73,220

All prices are in USD.
Data is periodically updated to reflect the most recently available information.
Many sites have surcharges for various services omitted here.
+ Cryptominer buries an unspecified setup fee in their terms, plus “Electricity consumption is computed using our in house system. The consumption is deducted from the registered hashrate of the miner and its efficiency.” whatever that means.

Sites with a straightforward sales process have an enormous advantage.
Genesis Mining has the slickest sales in the industry, and their prices are, well, rather high.