Cloud Mining Bitcoin

A quick comparison of all the cloud mining providers I could find. I don’t know what the appeal is here, except that you can buy in for a relatively small amount of money and most of them promise daily payouts. This kind of mining would not produce much profit at all, but might possibly be a fun way to buy Bitcoin. Compare this to our mining profitability analysis where the same hash power for one year costs $2,795.

Open ended 14 TH/s contracts including one year of maintenance:

* Sun-Mining buries an ambiguous fee in t&c that is not mentioned in their FAQ: “Maintenance fees. A fee [unspecified amount] that we may charge you daily from your Customer Portion [profits] to cover running costs of Mining Hardware, as described on the website. Fee will be converted to the number of Bitcoins based on the previous day’s Bitcoin closing price in US$ in the Bitcoin Price Index published on CoinDesk.”

A couple of offerings that are not-exactly-cloud-mining:

  • Cryptotech Token offering hash power “starting estimated August 15th 2018”. This company is manufacturing an ASIC chip themselves. (Could this be related to GMO, who said they were launching their 7nm mining facility in Norway next year?)
  • IQ Mining Ambiguous offering, not hashpower.