BC Hydro Cost Calculator

Estimations of the electricity rate and monthly bill in BC, keyed on N number
of units @ X demand. The Antminer S9 uses up to 1.45kW. This data shows that the minimum number of Antminer S9’s we must be running to qualify for the lowest rate from BC Hydro is 104.

The “Transmission Rate” is for customers receiving high voltage with their own infrastructure, which is definitely where we want to be. The calculations for this rate depend on many location-specific details. There does seem to be a reasonable reduction in price.

Screenshot of the spreadsheet below.

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Download as Excel Spreadsheet: BC Hydro Calculator – xslx

Download as CSV file: BC Hydro Calculator – csv

Please note: this is a simplified calculation, and does not include discounts that
may apply based on the specific installation. This tool is only useful for estimating
costs associated with ASIC mining hardware and will not be accurate for any other

More information available from BC Hydro